Audax Energía contributes to reforestation with a unique and innovative initiative in the natural gas market

Natural gas is the fossil fuel with the lowest environmental impact of all those used, however Audax Energía wanted to go one step further with the launch of Ecox by Audax natural gas through which a tree will be planted for each contracted gas supply, contributing thus reducing the ecological footprint.

Every time a customer contracts ECOX GAS, Audax will donate the corresponding amount so that a non-profit association manages the planting and maintenance of a new tree. With this initiative, the company wants to offer an innovative and differential product whose environmental impact will be very noticeable since the company estimates that during 2018 more than 2,000 trees will be planted in the Audax Forest, which will be located in the province of Soria.

The objective of ECOX GAS is to market natural gas but promoting environmental awareness and carrying out real reforestation actions. Forests protect soil from erosion and desertification and contribute to biodiversity. Trees absorb CO2, provide oxygen and help clean the air by absorbing polluting gases and particles. “We want to offer a tangible environmental benefit, so that people can visit the Audax Forest and see that their tree has been planted thanks to its gas supply. “Ecox Gas by Audax contributes to fighting deforestation and climate change and promotes the conservation of the planet,” explains David Busquets, Commercial Director of Audax Energía.

To carry out this project, Audax Energía collaborates with the non-profit association Green Areas Association, an entity that works to combat climate change, desertification and promotes “green employment.” The Green Areas Association develops different projects that promote the creation of new forests and wooded fields that act as authentic climate barriers. This association will be in charge of preparing the land, planting the seedling, placing protection in cases where it is necessary due to pests and making the tree pit to collect rainwater, all of this to guarantee well-being and growth. of Ecox Gas trees.

The AUDAX Group mainly focuses its activities on the commercialization of electrical energy and gas, as well as the generation of renewable 100% electricity. It has recently formalized the largest purchase agreement for energy produced with solar photovoltaic technology in the world, a historic milestone in the global energy market. Audax Energía is consolidating itself as an energy company focused on renewable energies and committed to green energies, which represents a clear commitment to its clients and the environment.

The Audax Group has 5 of its own wind farms that generate energy from 100% renewable sources. The AUDAX Group is present in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland and France, with a diversified and stable portfolio of more than 300,000 clients.

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