Audax in the world

Audax Renovables in the world: Internationalization is one of the pillars of the Audax Renovables Strategic Plan. The company successfully operates in 7 countries, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland and Hungary. It occupies a prominent position in all of them, with high growth ratios, which positions it as a solid company in constant international expansion.

Audax Portugal

The internationalization of Audax Energía began in 2013 by creating the Portuguese subsidiary, a company that already occupies 9th position by volume of energy sold.

Audax Italy

In 2014 it entered Italy through the acquisition of the marketing company Big Energia and a year later it multiplied its clients in the Italian market by 5 with the acquisition of the client portfolio of Compagnia Energetica Italiana.

Audax Germany

In 2015, expansion began in northern Europe with the creation of the Audax Germany subsidiary in Hoyerswerda, later moving to Berlin, the country's capital, from where it has promoted its growth.

Audax Poland

In 2016 Audax entered the Polish market by acquiring the electricity and gas supplier Deltis Energía, located in Warsaw.

Audax Netherlands

In 2017, it entered the Netherlands by acquiring the 72% from the Dutch electricity and gas supplier Main Energie, a leading company in the country, whose size is equivalent to that of Audax in Spain and occupies fourth place in the ranking in its country.

Audax Hungary

In 2020 Audax enters the Hungarian market through the acquisition of the electricity trading company E.ON Energiakereskedelmi Kft. which has a 25% market share in the competitive Hungarian market of SMEs, large industrial and municipal clients.

International expantion

Internationalization is one of the key objectives in the future of Audax. We work to continue applying the successful model created in Spain, respecting the idiosyncrasies of each country and betting on growth based on a long-term relationship of trust with the client. The objective is to consolidate international expansion in Europe and plan entry into Latin America.

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