Who we are

We produce and supply 100% renewable energy

The Group is the result of a merger by absorption between Audax Renovables, S.A. and its parent company, Audax Energía, S.A., which gave rise to an energy group whose business involves generating 100% renewable energy as well as supplying 100% renewable electricity and gas.
Founded in the year 2000, in 2003 Audax Renovables became listed on the secondary market of the Barcelona Stock Exchange, and in 2007 its shares were included in the SIBE (integrated stock exchange system) of the Madrid Stock Exchange. Currently, it is listed on the Spanish Continuous Market under the ticker ADX.MC, and has been incorporated to the IBEX SMALL CAP® index since 23 March 2020.

As a leading utility Group in the SME segment in Spain, Audax Renovables guarantees efficient supply of energy retailed through a process of vertical integration with the renewable energy generation branch, has a robust financial position and is ready to be at the forefront of the energy transition in the European market.  

The Group runs a portfolio of operating wind farms of 91 MW in Spain, France and Poland. Moreover, it has a portfolio of photovoltaic projects of 331 MW in Spain, 15 MW of which will be put into operation in the next weeks, and another 40 MW are currently under construction. Likewise, the Group has a wind project under construction in Panama, of 66 MW.

Audax Renovables, operating as a 100% renewable energy and gas supplier, is present in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Hungary, with over 515 thousand customers and 15 TWh supplied in 2020.

Audax Renovables is an independent energy group whose activities involve generation and retail of 100% renewable energy.

We are a growing company with a strong international presence. We produce 100% renewable energy and supply green energy and gas to the whole of the Peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Internationally, we are present in Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Hungary.

We supply 100% renewable electricity and natural gas. Our objective is to offer energy at very competitive prices while delivering products that adapt to the  needs of our clients (businesses and households) and providing high-quality customer service.

Audax Renovables has been conceived as a customer-oriented company, focussed on its customers' needs. We are committed to offering high quality customer service, personalised assistance and very competitive prices. There's a reason why Audax Renovables is one of the most competitive electric companies in the European market: we guarantee quality, work with clarity and transparency, and thus develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.

One of our advantages is our customer service, which differs from the one usually provided by large electric companies by ensuring high-quality and friendly assistance. Our aim is to help you optimise your energy consumption so that you can start saving and obtain efficient supply adapted to your needs. And it's 100% renewable energy, too.

We are an electricity and natural gas supplier with a responsible and respectful approach to the natural environment, perfect for the households and businesses who want to optimise their energy consumption and save on their electricity bills while contributing to protect our environment. Therefore, whether you choose a fixed rate or an indexed rate tariff, you will be using 100% renewable and green energy. Renewable energy does not emit greenhouse gasses into our planet's atmosphere - this way we ensure responsible consumption without harm to the natural environment.

We all hold the future of energy in our hands. This message is an integral part of our mission and corporate vision, because we are invested in green energy, that is to say in policies of social responsibility which surround people and their environment with care.

In Audax Renovables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy is produced from inexhaustible natural resources, which do not generate greenhouse gasses or pollutant emissions.

In Audax Renovables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy is produced from inexhaustible natural resources, which do not generate greenhouse gasses or pollutant emissions. 

Green Energy: 100% Renewable

All our customers enjoy green energy: individuals, businesses, large companies and public administrations.

Audax Collaborates

The Audax Renovables Corporate Social Responsibility policy is designed to collaborate with non-profit organisations in our area in support of a wide range of programmes: at-risk youth protection, research and investigations, animal welfare, sports, and disease prevention. We understand that our business activity forges a constant relationship with the environment and requires responsible behaviour. 

In Audax Renovables such programmes are initiated by the staff - since 2017 it is the employees who suggest and vote on the choice of the non-profit organisation to collaborate with. Some of these organisations are the following:

  • Fundación Mona works towards the well-being and protection of primates.
  • The Spanish Association Against Cancer, which works in the fields of investigation and prevention, and helps the patients and their families. 
  • The ChasCar Association, which raises funds to build the biggest Paediatric Cancer Centre in Europe, to help cover the costs of the accommodation of the families, invest in research and in improving the well-being of children and their families.
  • Pallapupas, an organisation which works in order to bring laughter and cheerfulness to the hospitals for children and elderly people. 
  • Fundació Arrels, which works in the area of assistance and orientation of homeless people who live in the streets of Barcelona, prioritising the attention to those who have been living in the streets for years and are in the most vulnerable situation.
  • Fundación de Oncología Infantil Enriqueta Villavecchia, which works to improve the well-being of children with cancer and of their families.
  • At the Pasqual Maragall Foundation they work to promote scientific research to defeat Alzheimer's and help caregivers who cope with this hard disease.
  • Fundació Badalona Contra el Càncer. They promote clinical research at the Catalan Institute of Oncology of Badalona to achieve advances against cancer.
  • Rare Commons is a research project of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, ​​focused on the biomedical study of rare diseases that affect children.
  • The Foundation for the Defense of Animals and Nature (DAINA) was created by the Mataró Society for the Protection of Animals.
  • Fundación Pequeño Deseo. Its mission is to make the wishes of children with chronic diseases or poor prognosis come true in order to support them emotionally during their treatment and make their disease more bearable.
  • Els Petits Valents. They develop solidarity initiatives to raise funds for research against childhood cancer.
    Cris contra el cancer. Its objective is to promote and finance research projects for the treatment and cure of cancer.