Acquisition of a new company in Italy

Audax Energía began its expansion in Italy in the second quarter of 2014 through the acquisition of the company Big Energia. This company located near Turin had about 2,000 clients and after implementing Audax Energía's own business and marketing model in Italy, it managed to double the number of clients in 2015.

The knowledge and experience acquired in the Italian market during this time have allowed Audax Energía to close this July the purchase of a second company: the trading company Compagnia Energetica Italiana, located in Milan. This operation has provided Audax Energía with a portfolio of 23,000 new clients, mainly households and small businesses, multiplying by 5 the current number of clients in Italy and with forecasts of closing 2015 with a total of 35,000 clients.

Km0 energy
One of the differential values of the company Compagnia Energetica Italiana is its 57 offices that operate as service points. The objective of Audax Energía is to empower them and offer a close service and direct and personal customer service. These service points are distributed throughout the Italian territory, especially in small and medium-sized population centers, offering proximity and service that large companies do not provide in these areas. These are offices that allow residents to obtain information, resolve doubts or receive personalized advice from the office in their own town or city, that is, a Km0 service.
Audax Energía intends to continue expanding through this proximity model and does not rule out new implementations in the short term. The objective is to provide differential value to the supply of light and offer quality customer service, managed by a person from the same population who understands the concerns of the neighbors, managing to create a relationship of trust with their environment.

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