Audax and Unielectrica

With this alliance, the AUDAX-UNIELÉCTRICA group would consolidate itself as an energy reference at the national level

The AUDAX Group, which currently has a presence in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Poland and Panama, has begun the process of requesting authorization from the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) to formalize its integration with the UNIELÉCTRICA Group and thus become one of the main marketing groups in the Spanish energy sector.

The authorization of the CNMC is a necessary procedure in integration operations of companies that operate in the same sector and will allow proving that the planned operation complies with market protection regulations regarding competition. The authorization process extends for a period of approximately one month from the submission of the application, so if the CNMC does not request the provision of additional information, the integration of the AUDAX and UNIELÉCTRICA groups could have the green light at the beginning of the month. of March.

The AUDAX Group is a business group whose main activities focus on the commercialization of electrical energy and gas and the generation of renewable 100% electricity. For its part, the Unieléctrica Group has been gaining positions as a reference marketer in the national market to exceed 65,000 customers.

Both energy groups stand out for being strongly positioned in the SME segment, although in recent months AUDAX has also been strongly entering the residential segment. In addition, AUDAX is also present in the large industry segment, large companies and public administrations through its large account subsidiary A-DOS ENERGÍA.

The union between AUDAX and UNIELÉCTRICA would allow the new group to reach the seventh position in the Spanish energy market among electricity suppliers and significantly increase turnover, thus consolidating AUDAX's position in the European market.

Regarding the gas market, UNIELÉCTRICA has recently obtained the gas marketing license. For its part, AUDAX has extensive experience as a gas marketer, with clients throughout Europe, and is one of the main gas suppliers to national SMEs, so the union of both companies will allow UNIELÉCTRICA to benefit from synergies. very positive to develop and commercialize natural gas.

The AUDAX group has among its subsidiaries the listed AUDAX RENOVABLES and the company AUDAX GREEN, both producers of renewable energy coming mainly from wind farms and waste management, respectively. This part of its business provides AUDAX with important renewable energy generation assets with which the AUDAX-UNIELÉCTRICA group will be able to supply 100% energy from clean generation sources to its clients. Thanks to its own generation and the extensive experience of the AUDAX trading team, the new group will be able to access very reasonable prices and offer very competitive products to customers, presenting itself as a solid alternative to traditional electricity companies.


The AUDAX Group is a rapidly growing business group for which internationalization is one of its main pillars. The company has a presence in 8 countries, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland, France and Panama. It occupies a prominent position in all of them, with high growth ratios, which positions it as a solid company in constant international expansion. The AUDAX Group is one of the main operators in the national energy sector.


UNIELÉCTRICA provides electric energy marketing services throughout Spain, including the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. UNIELÉCTRICA has more than 100 employees and supplies energy to more than 65,000 electricity customers, with a strong position in the SME segment. Unielectrica has a large commercial distribution network throughout the national territory, being the marketing company that has attracted the greatest number of clients in the SME segment in the last year.

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