Audax Renovables continues to focus on the generation of renewable energy and begins the construction of 20 more MW in Guadalajara

The Torija facility, province of Guadalajara, will produce 32.4GWh per year, which is equivalent to the consumption of 9,400 homes

Audax Renovables (ADX.MC), the energy group that integrates the generation and marketing of renewable 100% electricity businesses, is once again promoting its generation projects by starting works of 20 MWp in the province of Guadalajara. 

As of today, Audax Renovables has begun the construction of 20 new MW in the photovoltaic plants of Las Alberizas I, II, III and IV located in the Guadalajara Municipality of Torija, and which will have the installation of 59,760 solar panels, will produce 32 .44 GWh per year of energy, equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 9,400 homes.

The Audax Group's commitment to renewable energy generation facilities remains clear, with these plants being the seventh that the group has built in Castilla-La Mancha with an investment that exceeds 9 million euros.

Audax has been promoting the development of renewable energies for years to achieve a sustainable energy transition, in accordance with the shift being promoted by the European Union, and to continue generating quality employment and growth. A clear example of this is that, recently, Audax Renovables was visiting the completion of the works of three other photovoltaic installations located in the municipalities of Fontanar and El Casar, also located in the province of Guadalajara, with a combined nominal installed power of 15 MW. .

For their construction, Audax Renovables ensures its support with top-level contractors, who meet high quality standards, having signed the contract under the EPC (turnkey) modality with Risen Energy Spain, SL (belonging to the group Risen Energy Co. Ltd) and, on the other hand, ImMODO Fotovoltaica, who developed the plant and will supervise the entire work.  

The construction of the aforementioned facility will be carried out, in part, thanks to the first issuance of green bonds carried out by Audax Renovables last September, which amounts to an amount of 20 million euros. The rest will be financed with own resources.

This project is part of the Audax Group's strategy to increase its generation portfolio with the aim of supplying its clients with renewable energy produced in its own plants. 

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