Audax Energía applauds the electrical reform

The new proposed electricity reform, mainly aimed at reducing pool prices and promoting renewable energies, will improve the competitiveness of marketers, by being able to reduce energy acquisition costs.

The vertical integration of the Audax Group provides it with a favorable position regarding the electrical reform thanks to the synergies derived from the combination of marketing and generation activities, making the Audax Group one of the actors most favored by the reform. At the marketing level, Audax Energía - an electricity and gas marketing company present in 6 countries - will benefit from the reduction in energy acquisition costs, improving its competitiveness and profitability. At the generation level, Audax Renovables - a listed company dedicated to the generation of 100% renewable energy and present in 4 countries - will benefit from the boost that the electrical reform will give to the generation of renewable energy.

Currently Audax Energía sells 10 times more energy than its renewable generation division generates, therefore the decrease in the pool is positive news for the group.
The merger process between Audax Energía and the listed Audax Renovables is progressing according to the planned schedule and will mean the birth of a large energy group that is much stronger and more solid, giving rise to a large business project that combines the generation of renewable 100% electrical energy and the commercialization of electricity and gas with the aim of promoting growth and undertaking new projects.

The recent repeal of the so-called “sun tax” has also strengthened the work of the Self-Consumption department within the Audax Group. Among the new projects of the Audax Group, it is worth highlighting the strong commitment to Self-consumption that the company has made in recent months, being one of the pioneer marketers in this sector. Audax aims to achieve a leadership position in promoting self-consumption, an objective that has undoubtedly been reaffirmed thanks to the electrical reform.
The Audax Group has a presence in 8 countries, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland and Panama and has more than 305,000 customers in Europe, mainly in the SME segment.

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