Audax Energía collaborates with MONA

The MONA Foundation is a non-profit entity that helps the recovery of primates and fights against the use of wildlife for profit.


For many years and due to the illegal trafficking of primates, chimpanzees have arrived in Spain from Africa to be used in circuses and tourist attractions. During the 70s and 80s it was very common to see photographers on the Spanish coasts using chimpanzees to take photos with tourists and earn money for it. Currently, the presence of the photographer with a chimpanzee has decreased considerably, but many others have been used to raise and use their babies in traveling circuses, zoos, advertisements, television shows and other attractions.

This problem is repeated very often in Spain and Europe and many other chimpanzees are kept in terrible conditions in private collections, zoos, circuses, and other amusement parks. In many cases they are alone without the company of their peers, without taking into account that chimpanzees are extremely intelligent social animals.

In 2001, the Customs Department of the Ministry of Economy recognized the Mona Foundation's primate recovery center as suitable for hosting primates from illegal trafficking and sent the first group of chimpanzees, confiscated to a former chimpanzee trainer for circuses These chimpanzees had been living poorly for more than eight years in a broken down truck in deplorable conditions of hygiene and care.

The primate recovery center is located near Girona surrounded by nature, and serves as a home for the rescued primates and as an educational center to raise awareness among the population to respect wild animals.  

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