Audax Energía enters the Netherlands

MAIN Energie is an independent marketing company, focused on the SME market and the real estate segment, which has more than 60,000 electricity and gas customers in the Dutch market and with commercial strategies and business objectives very similar to those of Audax. Energy. This acquisition is included in the Audax Energía Strategic Plan for the creation of an energy group at the European level, already present in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Germany and now Holland.

The objective of Audax Energía is to reinforce the synergies between both companies, benefit from the competitive advantages that MAIN Energie provides and be the platform that leads the growth of the group in northern Europe.

This operation will allow Audax Energía to establish itself in a potential market of more than 850,000 companies - the type of client that Audax Energía also mainly addresses - through a company with a strategy clearly focused on B2B.

The main factors that have led Audax Energía to bet on MAIN Energie are (i) its technological strength and its constant commitment to innovation; (ii) the professionalism of its management team and its business vision clearly focused on the client; and (iii) MAIN Energie's demonstrated ability to grow in recent years in a very competitive market environment.

According to the MAIN Energie management team: “We are delighted with our new Spanish partner and look forward to contributing to the future development of the business, including international growth. We believe that the exchange of technologies and knowledge between our two companies will allow us to further improve the quality of our services to our clients in the long term.”

According to Parcom Capital: “Together with the MAIN management team, we have been able to increase the company's focus on the B2B value-added segment and expand its offering of innovative products and services in the Dutch energy market. We believe that Audax is an ideal strategic partner for MAIN Energie, due to the similarity of their market positioning and Audax's international growth ambition.”

ING has acted as financial advisor to Audax Energía in this operation.

Audax Energía, with national 100% capital, ensures that internationalization is one of the pillars of its Strategic Plan. At the end of 2016, 30% of Audax Energía's turnover already came from international subsidiaries located in Portugal, Italy, Germany and Poland. And the forecast for 2017 is to increase this percentage and place it above 40%.

Audax Energía aims to continue expanding internationally in other countries in Europe and Latin America.

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