Audax Renovables launches its first issue of Green Bonds for the construction of 40 MW of photovoltaics

This first issuance of green bonds amounts to a total of 20 million euros that will be allocated to the construction of eight photovoltaic parks

Audax Renovables (ADX.MC), the energy group that integrates the generation and marketing of renewable 100% electricity, has launched its first issuance of green bonds for an amount of 20 million euros. 

This operation, the first issuance of green bonds by the Company for the amount referred to above, is part of the fixed income bond program registered in the Alternative Fixed Income Market (“MARF Bond Program”), for a nominal amount maximum of 400 million euros, which the Company registered last July. Said Program allows the issuances to be qualified and considered as green bonds, in accordance with the Regulatory Framework of Reference for Green Financing that the company approved last June, and which was qualified by the independent expert, Vigeo Eiris, complying with the established requirements. by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA), and obtaining the highest level of guarantee in its qualification.

This first issuance of green bonds carried out by Audax Renovables amounts to an amount of 20 million euros, which will have a maturity of 2 years and will be used for the construction of 8 photovoltaic energy generation plants, 4 of them located in Toledo (La Zarzuela I, La Zarzuela II, La Zarzuela III and La Zarzuela IV) and with a capacity of 5 MW each, and the other 4 located in Guadalajara (Las Alberizas I, Las Alberizas II, Las Alberizas III and Las Alberizas IV) that They will also have a capacity of 5 MW each, totaling 40 MW.

It should be noted that Audax Renovables has all the permits to begin construction of the aforementioned plants in the coming weeks. In total, these plants will generate 65 GWh/year, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 19,000 homes.

This operation confirms Audax Renovables' strong commitment to the growth of its renewable energy generation activity, as well as the alignment of its financial strategy with the mission and values of environmental sustainability of the Audax Renovables Group. 

The registered advisor designated for the operation is PKF Attest Servicios Empresariales, SL, the paying agent is Banco de Sabadell, SA and the placement entity Haitong Bank, SA, Sucursal en España. The legal advisor for the operation has been J&A Garrigues, SLP

This issue has aroused great interest among investors, both among those who regularly purchase company bonds and among international investors who demand a “green” rating on said bonds, especially considering that this was the first issue made by Audax Renovables meeting the strict requirements necessary to be qualified as such. 

About Audax Renewables 
Audax Renovables is the result of the merger between Audax Renovables itself and its parent company, Audax Energía, giving rise to an energy group whose activities focus on the supply of renewable 100% electricity and gas, as well as the production of renewable 100% energy.
It is currently listed on the Spanish Continuous Market under the name (ticker) ADX.MC, having been incorporated into the IBEX SMALL CAP® index on March 23, 2020.

We are the leading energy Group in the SME segment in Spain, guaranteeing an efficient supply of marketed energy through a process of vertical integration with the renewable generation segment, with a solid financial position, and prepared to lead the energy transition in the European market.
The Group operates in two differentiated business activities: marketing and generation. In its electricity and gas marketing division, it is present in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland and Holland, with more than 365 thousand clients.

On the other hand, the generation division manages a total operating portfolio of 91 MW in Spain, France and Poland in wind farms. In addition, it has a portfolio under development of 320 MW of photovoltaics in Spain, as well as a 66 MW wind project under construction in Panama.

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