Audax Renovables and eCONEQ join forces to promote and install chargers for electric vehicles throughout the national territory

Audax Renovables, a vertically integrated Spanish energy group that generates and supplies 100% electricity of renewable origin and gas to customers in 7 countries, and eCONEQ, specialists in charging solutions and infrastructure for electric vehicles, have signed an agreement to promote charging points for electric vehicles throughout the national territory for all types of clients: individuals, companies and public administrations. 

The charging infrastructure is essential for the consolidation of the electric vehicle in Spain. Aware of this, eCONEQ and Audax Renovables have established a strategic alliance in order to promote the deployment of a vast network of electric vehicle charging points among the energy company's clients, whether they are individuals, companies or Public Administration.

The objective of this agreement is to bring electric mobility closer to the entire national panorama. The continuous increase in the number of electric vehicles circulating on Spanish roads, the increase in mileage traveled and the new government regulations regarding electromobility have allowed a colossus of the European renewable energy industry such as Audax Renovables to trust eCONEQ for the installation of charging points among their customers. 

Through this agreement, eCONEQ is committed to offering its charging solutions and infrastructure services, as well as advice, installation and assistance to all Audax Renovables customers who require it.

About Audax Renewables

Founded in 2000, Audax Renovables is a vertically integrated Spanish energy group that generates and supplies 100% renewable electricity and gas to customers in seven European countries. Currently, it has a portfolio of wind and photovoltaic parks in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Poland and Panama in operation, under construction and in different phases of development that amounts to 2,536 MW. In its marketing activity, the group chaired by José Elías Navarro provides renewable energy and gas to more than 518 thousand clients in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland and Hungary, and leads the SME segment in Spain. Audax began trading on the Spanish secondary market in 2003, and in 2007 it made the leap to the continuous market, where it became part of the IBEX SMALL CAP ® index in March 2020. In 2021 its turnover reached 1,690 million euros , and has a team of more than 800 professionals.
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About eCONEQ
Any installation of a charging point for electric vehicles, whether an individual, company or Public Administration, is subject to current regulations to guarantee the safe operation of the installation itself.

At eCONEQ, as specialists in charging solutions and infrastructures that we are, we offer our clients the best solutions on the market, with a personalized service that allows us to evaluate the needs of the end user to offer them - with all the guarantees and in compliance with all current regulations - the best charging solution that best suits the end user.

eCONEQ is a national reference in solution and installation of charging points for electric vehicles and, since we began to bet on electric mobility, we have been involved in expanding the public and private network of charging points on the national scene.

At eCONEQ we install smart charging points for private or community garages, companies, Public Administration... And all our chargers are compatible with the main vehicle brands, whether they are electric cars, electric motorcycles, plug-in hybrid cars, electric vans, electric trucks. …

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