Audax Renovables celebrates its investor day

On Tuesday, May 28, the first edition of the Audax Renovables Investor Day took place. The presentation of the company was given by José Elías, President, founder and majority shareholder, Eduard Romeu, Vice President and CFO, and Anabel López, General Director.

After the Ordinary General Meeting was held in April in which the good results of the 2018 financial year were taken stock and in which the main lines of action planned for 2022 were presented, the Company intends to continue with its growth strategy . This growth will be based both on future developments in the renewable generation business and on potential acquisition opportunities in the marketing business through a combination of resources in the capital markets in both fixed income and variable income, allowing these Lastly, increase the free-float of the Company.

During their speech, the three executives explained the history of the company, its key factors and future lines of action, which are:

  1. Strengthen its leadership as the first independent marketer in the SME segment in Spain.
  2. Double your profitability, covering 2/3 of the energy supplied through long-term PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contracts for your own solar PV generation following an asset rotation strategy, and with third parties.
  3. Replicate the success obtained in Spain in the international markets in which it already operates.


Audax Renovables works with the intention of reaching more than 500,000 customers in 2022, supplying more than 15 TWh of energy, reaching around 1,500 million euros in revenue and exceeding 100 million euros in EBITDA, doubling its profitability and relaxing its financial leverage due to high cash generation.

To achieve these objectives, it is essential for the company to maintain the BBB- rating with a stable trend (investment grade). This rating facilitates better access to financing to undertake new projects and makes the Group the ideal counterparty to sign new PPA agreements that will allow it to supply itself with energy in the most efficient way possible.

The Group faces this new stage of growth with the objective of creating value so that shareholders see their participation in a large business group rewarded.

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