Audax renewables incorporates Anabel López and Rosa González to its Board

The incorporation of the new directors demonstrates the Group's firm commitment to the best practices in terms of good corporate governance.

Audax Renovables (ADX.MC), the energy group that integrates the generation and marketing of renewable 100% electricity and gas, has reconfigured and reinforced its Board of Directors by incorporating two women into its highest governing body. In this sense, the Board of Directors of Audax Renovables has unanimously approved the appointment of two new directors, Anabel López Porta and Rosa González Sans, for the next four years.

The incorporation of female talent is in line with best practices in terms of good corporate governance and is reflected in the new structure and composition of the Board of Directors.

Anabel López, graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona and PDG from IESE Business School who combines more than 16 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and capital markets, is currently responsible for the generation portfolio of the Audax Group and a member in addition to the Board of Directors in various subsidiary companies of the Audax Group. He began his professional career at Grupo Godó in 1995, working in the finance and controlling departments. In 2004 he joined Fersa Energías Renovables, and assumed general management in 2015, fully managing the group's sale operation that culminated in a takeover process by Audax Energía, SA and participating directly in the reverse merger operation, giving as a result to the Audax Renovables Group. Likewise, she has recently been appointed member of the Board of Directors and the Audit and Compliance Committee of Grupo Ezentis, SA on behalf of Eléctrica Nuriel, a company controlled at 100% by José Elías.

Rosa González, with more than 12 years of experience in the energy sector and, specifically, in its marketing, was a founding partner of Mediaworks, SA, an advertising media center, for 11 years, joining the Audax energy group Energy since its beginnings. Throughout her career, in the Audax group she has held positions of responsibility related to the financial and human resources areas, which has given her a transversal vision of the business. Reporting directly to the president of the Group, José Elías, she has participated in various corporate operations of the company and specifically, at an international level, leading the development and expansion in 2016 and 2017 of the Audax Group in Italy as General Director of this subsidiary. until 2018. Likewise, he is currently a member of the Board of Directors in various subsidiary companies of the Audax Renovables group.

With the new directors, there are now two women who are part of the highest governing body of Audax Renovables, which from now on will have 6 members. After this remodeling, the female presence stands at 33%, exceeding the 30% objective established for the 2020 financial year, and approaching the 40% objective of the presence of women established for 2022, after the recent review carried out of the Good Governance Code.

Additionally, the composition of the Board of Directors demonstrates its commitment to follow the recommendations of the Good Governance Code of listed companies published by the National Securities Market Commission in relation to diversity, both at the level of training and experience, as well as gender (female directors representing the previously mentioned 33% of the total board members), and independence (independent directors representing 33% of the total board members), which translates into a balanced body focused on the purpose common to promote the social interest of the company through the active contribution of value by all its members.

The appointments of the new directors also entail changes in the different committees of the Board since Anabel López also joins as a member of the Audit Committee and member of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee.

It should also be noted that the Board has the figure of an independent coordinating director, as the president of the administrative body has an executive character, with all the functions postulated by the Code of Good Corporate Governance for said figure. Likewise, all of the advisory committees of the Board are composed of a majority and chaired by independent directors.

In statements by José Elías, president of the Board of Directors, “with the incorporation of Rosa González and Anabel López to the Board, we will have greater diversity of knowledge, skills and experiences that will positively influence its effectiveness and the quality of its decisions.”
The Audax Group, which defines itself as a comprehensive energy company with 100% renewable generation, announced a few weeks ago a change in its strategy, focusing its efforts and resources on the energy generation activity and is also preparing a new strategic plan that it will announce shortly to the market. . 

About Audax Renewables 
The Group is the result of the merger by absorption between Audax Renovables, SA and its parent company, Audax Energía, SA, giving rise to an energy group whose activities focus on the production of renewable energy 100%, as well as the supply of electricity 100% renewable and gas.
Founded in the year 2000, in 2003 Audax Renovables began to be listed on the secondary market of the Barcelona Stock Exchange and in 2007 it was listed on the SIBE of the Madrid Stock Exchange. Currently, it is listed on the Spanish Continuous Market under the name (ticker) ADX.MC, having been incorporated into the IBEX SMALL CAP® index on March 23, 2020.

We are the leading energy group in the SME segment in Spain, guaranteeing an efficient supply of marketed energy through a process of vertical integration with renewable generation activity, with a solid financial position, and prepared to lead the energy transition in the European market.
The Group manages a portfolio of generation projects in operation of 91 MW in wind farms in Spain, France and Poland, and 15 MWp photovoltaic in Spain. Additionally, it has 66 MW of wind power under construction in Panama. Likewise, it has a portfolio of photovoltaic projects under construction of 44 MWp and has a photovoltaic portfolio of 2,282 MWp in different phases of development located in Spain, Portugal and Italy. 

Audax Renovables, in its activity of marketing renewable 100% electricity and gas, is present in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland and Hungary, adding more than 515 thousand customers and 10.5 TWh supplied in 2020.

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