Audax signs an agreement with Praxia Energy

Praxia Energy, one of the main national manufacturers, will be in charge of supplying the structures for the photovoltaic projects developed by Audax

Audax Renovables, a company dedicated to the generation of electrical energy from renewable 100% energy sources and to the marketing of electricity and gas, has reached an agreement with Praxia Energy, a company located in Asturias dedicated to the design and manufacture of structural systems for solar plants photovoltaic.

Under the terms of the agreement, Praxia will be in charge of supplying the structures for the future photovoltaic projects that Audax will develop nationwide.

Audax plans to develop self-consumption photovoltaic projects nationwide and, within a maximum period of 3 years, reach 100 MW of installed power, which will mean generating green energy equivalent to the consumption of more than 56,000 homes. By installing photovoltaic panels, CO2 emissions are reduced and the greenhouse effect is reduced by reducing the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Currently Praxia has already supplied Audax with structures for industrial roofs and parking in various photovoltaic projects. Praxia is specialized in designing and manufacturing ground structures, roof structures, 1-axis solar trackers and parking canopies. The objective of both companies is to develop projects focused on the generation of green 100% energy, maximizing energy savings for customers.

The Audax Self-Consumption project was created to promote the generation of energy from renewable sources through the use of photovoltaic modules, especially in companies and businesses, installing photovoltaic panels in unused spaces such as roofs, covers, land, ponds or solar panels. Audax advises and carries out feasibility studies for both companies and public administrations to produce their own green 100% energy through the installation of photovoltaic panels, with a turnkey project in which both installation and paperwork are included. A growing trend that responds to growing market demand.

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