Audax Renovables will supply 100% green electricity to the Chiclana de la Frontera City Council

The listed Audax Renovables, one of the main operators in the national energy sector, has won the public tender called by the Chiclana de la Frontera City Council to supply electricity to all municipal buildings and assets. 

Audax Renovables has been the energy company that has presented the best offer for 100% renewable energy and has consequently been awarded the entire open market contract. This is an agreement to supply more than 11,800,000 KWh of green 100% electricity to be delivered in 3 years, an essential supply for the City Council to carry out its activity. If the 2-year extension considered in the contract is executed, the amount supplied would exceed 3.5 million euros. 

Within the energy efficiency improvement plan offered by Audax Renovables, the certification of all energy delivered to the Chiclana City Council as 100% green energy is included.

With the aim of reducing the City Council's energy cost, Audax Renovables will analyze and propose, if applicable, the optimal contracted capacities to adapt the optimal power to be contracted to the current regulation and the real demand of each supply point.

Additionally, Audax will carry out the installation of energy generation systems that allow electricity self-consumption for the City Council from renewable energy. For this purpose, 30 KW photovoltaic solar panels will be installed distributed in three installations located on the roofs of the buildings.

Audax Renovables, a group that focuses its activity on the generation and marketing of renewable 100% energy, has long positioned itself as one of the most active energy operators in Spain. In addition to the large volume of electricity sold to large private sector consumers, recently awarded public contracts are added.

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