Companies can save electricity

Audax Energía, an electric energy marketer that occupies 9th position in the national electricity market, has consolidated its growth by maintaining its commitment to offering the most competitive prices on the market. In its search for the best solution for SMEs, the marketer has carried out an internal study that reveals that approximately 80% of companies can save on their electricity bill.

“In 80% of the cases we studied, the client achieves savings, since on many occasions clients have very high prices for energy or power with their current supplier and the latter disguises them by applying a discount that almost never compensates for the high price. We do not give discounts, we simply apply adjusted prices,” say the commercial directors of Audax Energía, Joaquim Falcó and Alberto Valiño. “In addition to reducing energy and power prices, customers can achieve savings by optimizing contracted power or installing capacitor banks that eliminate reactive energy. These actions allow us to considerably reduce the fixed costs of the electricity bill,” they add.

Faced with an economic situation like the current one, Audax Energía recommends that all companies review their electricity bill, the conditions of their current contract and request an offer from other companies. “Companies can achieve average savings of up to 20% on their bill,” say the commercial directors of Audax Energía. The company offers various types of rates that adapt to the needs of each client. The Indexed Rate consists of paying for the electrical energy consumed each hour at the real price at which it is being sold in the wholesale electricity market plus a management fee. It is with this rate that SMEs usually achieve higher average annual savings.

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