Audax Renovables will guide you and help you generate your own energy

Audax Renovables can guide you and help you generate your own 100% green energy by installing photovoltaic panels in your business or public administration premises. There is a growing trend for energy self-generation, an option that is ecological, economical and very interesting, since it allows you to use the otherwise unproductive surfaces, such as roofs, yards or ponds, by installing solar panels that will generate your own green energy.

Produce your 100% green energy! You can save on your costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Advantages of self-supply

Self-supply has multiple advantages, but here we will highlight only some of them:

•    It allows you to economise and save energy from the first day. If a self-supply project is carried out well, it will allow you to optimise the space and install the optimal number of panels, which will translate into the best energy efficiency. 
•    Through the installation of the panels the efficiency of the power system improves due to distributed generation, which allows to save at least 10% of energy, since there are no transmission losses because the energy is generated near the supply point.
•    It promotes the use of renewable energy, helps reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and fight the climate change. Your business or administration office will become more efficient, more competitive.
•    The energy you use says a lot about you. If you are guided in your daily activities by your ethical commitment, you can apply this approach also to the energy you use. Choose efficient energy that has been sustainably generated and tailored to your needs. Let your energy be as committed as you are - whether at home or in business.

Who can benefit from self-supply?

Businesses or public entities owning underused sunlit surfaces, such as:

  •  Roofs of buildings or industrial halls
  •  Unoccupied space on your firm's plot of land
  •  Ponds (irrigation tanks): with floating PV systems which, apart from generating power, will reduce water evaporation, enhance water quality by curtailing algae proliferation, and increase the efficiency of the panels due to the cooling effect.

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Solar energy


Solar energy is obtained from the electromagnetic radiation of the sun, a natural and inexhaustible source.

Spain is one of the European countries that has more hours of sunshine per day, reaching up to 3,000 hours of full light per year. Despite this encouraging data, there is a long way to go.

Solar energy

In Audax Renovables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy is produced from inexhaustible natural resources, which do not generate greenhouse gasses or pollutant emissions. 

Green Energy: 100% Renewable

All our customers enjoy green energy: individuals, businesses, large companies and public administrations.