Capacitor banks

Do you still pay for reactive energy?

If there is a line on your electricity invoice that reads "reactive power", it's time to explore what it means - we will explain what it is and how to remove it from the cost of your energy bill.

How can I avoid reactive power?

Reactive power can be compensated by the installation of a capacitor bank in your premisses so that you can avoid paying the penalty fee for your reactive energy and save on your electricity bill.

What are the advantages of installing capacitor banks?
In Audax Renovables we want the companies, businesses and sole traders to benefit from the advantages of installing capacitor banks in their premisses in order to save on their energy bill. These are the main benefits of installing a capacitor bank:

•    Eliminates penalty fees for excessive use of reactive power.
•    Increases the capacity of the lines and installed transformers.
•    Improves the mains voltage.
•    Reduces the power losses and prevents the cables from overheating.
•    Helps cut overall energy costs.

What do I need in order to calculate the capacitor bank best suited to my needs?
On the basis of the last 6 invoices we will estimate the capacitor bank best suited to the energy demand of your business, as long as the consumption terms are maintained.

How can I purchase the capacitor bank?
In Audax Renovables we provide a complete service of capacitor bank installation for companies, businesses and sole traders. The service includes:

•    Capacitor bank
•    Standard installation of the capacitor bank
•    Putting the device into operation. 
•    All this with a payment arrangement offered exclusively to our clients.

Is installation included in the price of the capacitor bank?
We know that the life of an entrepreneur is far from easy. This is why in Audax Renovables the price of all our capacitor banks includes standard installation. The installation is carried out by our specialist staff so that our clients have absolutely nothing to trouble themselves about.

What is the delivery time of the device?
Estimated time of delivery is within 15 days of receipt of the signed contract in our office. Our technicians will contact you to arrange the time of the installation.

What payment arrangement or discount can I get?
The clients of Audax Renovables can make the payment for capacitor banks within 12 months without interest. Moreover, we offer additional direct discounts on the capacitor bank price for "early payment", which will be of 10% in the case of payment within 6 months and of 20% in the case of up front payment.

What happens if I already have a capacitor bank installed and still have to pay for reactive energy use?
If you have a capacitor bank already installed in your business, but there is reactive energy consumption still appearing on your invoice, it is possible that the capacitors do not work properly or that the reactive power actual consumption is bigger than the capacitors are able to compensate. In such case we can offer you an optional service of inspecting the performance of your capacitor bank and advising you on repairing or replacing it with a new one, more adequate for your needs.

The companies, businesses, firms and sole traders understand better than anyone the importance of cost minimisation. By the means of having a capacitor bank installed, you'll be able to benefit from bigger savings on your electricity invoice, with nothing to trouble yourself about. Start saving on your electricity bill!

Do you still pay for reactive energy?

Do you still pay for reactive energy?

Reactive energy is the additional power demand which some inductive load appliances such as engines, transformers or lamps require for their functioning. This reactive power reduces the efficiency of the system, since it does no useful work. Moreover, it is negative for the grid in general, because it generates distortions in the transmission network. 

If the amount of reactive energy exceeds certain percentage of active power consumed, the Distributor applies penalty fees to the invoice.

If there is a line on your electricity invoice that reads "reactive power", it's time to explore what it means - we will explain what it is and how to remove it from the cost of your energy bill.  

In Audax Renovables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy is produced from inexhaustible natural resources, which do not generate greenhouse gasses or pollutant emissions. 

Green Energy: 100% Renewable

All our customers enjoy green energy: individuals, businesses, large companies and public administrations.