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electric vehicle charger

We install your charging point

At Audax Renovables we install vehicle chargers, both for residential use, communities of owners, companies or public roads.

We offer the best maintenance services and the most innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles on the market.

We carry out the technical visit, personalized advice and we take care of the installation, legalization and we help obtain subsidies

Solutions covering slow charging (AC) and fast charging (DC). Charging is managed by the vehicle charger.

Advantages of the electric vehicle charger service:

  • Consultancy: Personalized advice to find the solution that best suits each need.
  • Turnkey project: We facilitate the process so the customer only has to worry about recharging their electric vehicle. 
  • Maintenance: Our maintenance services offer solutions to possible system failures and breakdowns.
  • Recharge monitoring and management: Control of access to charging infrastructure and maintenance of power levels below permitted limits with the latest innovations around load balancing. 
  • Wide catalog of chargers to meet the needs of each type of client.
  • Medium in the processing of the subsidies
Finance your charger
from €19.99 per month!
Chargers of electric vehicles available: 
  • Circontrol eHome 7.4 kW: Functional charger to charge your new exceptional car. From €1,725.46 VAT included

  • Veltium LITE Zero Plus 7.4 kW: colorful charger to charge your new purchased car. From €1,787.15 VAT included
  • Wallbox Pulsar Plus 7.4 kW: elegant charger: to charge your new radiant car. From €1,935.90 VAT included
He project includes:
  • Labor and displacement
  • Materials and protections according to ITC BT-52
  • Bulletin (BIE), procedures and management of PLAN MOVES aid
  • Installation up to 20m from the CGMP with wiring under PVC pipe
The characteristics of the equipment are the following:
  • Circontrol eHome 7.4 kW:
    • Agile Plug “n” Charge mode, avoiding user identification
    • Front LED bar
    • Its design allows you to wrap the cable and keep it organized
    • Compatible with BeON power adjustment sensor
  • Veltium LITE Zero Plus 7.4 kW:
    • VELTIUM App
    • Different Colors (White, Black, Blue and Orange)
    • Bluetooth communication
    • LED indicator
  • Wallbox Pulsar Plus 7.4 kW:
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Connected with Wifi and Bluetooth
    • Wallbox App
    • Schedule charging sessions
    • Power Balancing

Which one do you prefer?
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