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Telemetry counters

Know and control your electricity consumption better

Telemetry counters will allow taking actual supply readings and extract information important that will help the customer optimize their consumption and save on their energy costs

The meters that are installed are Approved Equipment by the Ministry of Industry and Distributors, according to the provisions of RD 1110/2007 of the Unified Regulation of Measuring Points of the Spanish Electrical System.

The services for the installation of telemetry counter includes:

  • File processing services with the Marketer and the Distributor, including certification, approval and parameterization, sealing costs, Industry costs and verification costs in the Distributor's laboratory.
  • Installation services: Supply and installation of the Equipment: Counter and modem (Itrón) + M2M GSM/GPRS SIM Card + Software
  • Telemetry services: customer registration on the platform, reading of the measurement point, maintenance costs and SIM card traffic, cloud services (data storage and backup, multi-user access, security certificates), supervision and maintenance of equipment (except verifications periodically according to regulations).
  • Software services: software access via web (individual client, multi-supply client and professional manager), updates and improvements with the possibility of carrying out other custom software developments.
Advantages of the telemetry counter:
  • Have data and information on the electrical consumption of the supply.
  • Exploit information to apply energy efficiency measures aimed at reducing costs. 
  • Control deviations and penalties.
  • Optimize contracted power
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Download reports for outage or breakdown

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