EiDF and Audax Renovables join forces to promote self-consumption between companies   

EiDF Solar and Audax Renovables join forces to promote self-consumption among the business sector.


EiDF Solar, an integrated renewable energy operator specialized in photovoltaic projects for self-consumption and generation, and Audax Renovables, a vertically integrated Spanish energy group that generates and supplies 100% electricity of renewable origin and gas to customers in 7 countries, join forces to promote self-consumption among the business sector. This is a strategic agreement between two renewable companies in which both contribute their respective knowledge to build a solid value proposition. 

EiDF, which has a long history and experience in self-consumption, will act as a specialist in Audax Renovables' self-consumption projects by fully assuming the execution of the photovoltaic installations, from the engineering phase to its execution, commissioning and maintenance. . For its part, Audax Renovables will provide its distribution channels, using the capillarity of its network nationwide to market the self-consumption service among the business sector. The agreement was signed between the commercial director of EiDF, David Pintos, and the commercial director of Audax Renovables, David Busquets.

David Pintos, commercial director of EiDF, has pointed out the importance of this alliance between the two brands. “Each company has its own strengths in a certain segment of the energy sector. At the current time, marked by the rise of self-consumption, we have seen it appropriate to establish a stable collaboration in order to create synergies from which both parties can benefit, improving the services offered to our clients and contributing to the business objectives of both. companies.” 

For his part, the commercial director of Audax Renovables, David Busquets, declared that this agreement will allow us to continue growing in renewables, which means being closer to achieving the true mission of Audax Renovables: stopping climate change and recovering the best version of the planet. . Thanks to this agreement we will be able to bring self-consumption closer to our clients with the support, experience and know-how of the market leader in this sector. We provide our clients with energy independence so that they are not subject to market fluctuations and their competitiveness is not affected by energy costs. This union will allow us to unify forces to promote self-consumption in our country and become leaders in 100% renewable energies.


About Audax Renewables

Founded in 2000, Audax Renovables is a vertically integrated Spanish energy group that generates and supplies 100% renewable electricity and gas to customers in seven European countries. Currently, it has a portfolio of wind and photovoltaic parks in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Poland and Panama in operation, under construction and in different phases of development that amounts to 2,536 MW. In its marketing activity, the group chaired by José Elías Navarro provides renewable energy and gas to more than 518 thousand clients in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland and Hungary, and leads the SME segment in Spain. Audax began trading on the Spanish secondary market in 2003, and in 2007 it made the leap to the continuous market, where it became part of the IBEX SMALL CAP ® index in March 2020. In 2021 its turnover reached 1,690 million euros , and has a team of more than 800 professionals.

About EiDF Solar

EiDF Solar is an integrated renewable energy group with three business areas: self-consumption, generation and marketing. In the self-consumption unit, the company is the leader in its market segment, managing to execute nearly 2,700 self-consumption systems for Spanish companies that add up to 270 MW of clean, non-polluting solar energy. It has 12 commercial delegations throughout the country. 
In Generation it has a pipeline of 1,000 MW with projects spread throughout the national territory. Fulfilling its vertical integration strategy, the energy generated in its parks will be destined to its marketing unit, reinforced after the purchase of ODF Energía. 
EiDF has been listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (BME Growth) since June 2021, reaching a market capitalization of more than 400 million euros. 

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