Enriqueta Villavecchia Oncology Foundation

Audax Energía, within its Social Responsibility action plan, has organized the first solidarity contest among its employees so that they can choose which non-profit organizations the company collaborates with.

Since 2014 Audax Energía has collaborated with the Mona Foundation, which is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of primates and the fight against animal exploitation. This year, in addition to this collaboration, Audax Energía wanted to add two new organizations and has organized the “Solidarity Campaign 2017”, an internal contest where employees have submitted candidatures and voted for the two winners among more than 20 candidates, all of them organizations. nonprofit.  

Audax Energía wanted to leave this social work in the hands of the employees and the great social and solidarity concern of all of them, who have dedicated themselves to the campaign, has been affirmed. The winning entities have obtained 56% of the votes and both are organizations very committed to patient care and medical research.

The organization with the most votes was the Fundació d'Oncologia Infantil Enriqueta Villavecchia, a non-profit entity of a welfare nature, which aims to cover the needs of children and young people undergoing cancer treatment and help their families. Audax Energía, thanks to the 2017 Solidarity Campaign contest, will subsidize the renovation of the furniture and linens of 3 reception apartments that the Foundation uses to house families with children in treatment. Cancer treatments are usually long and families often have to move near the hospitals where the treatments are performed to better care for the children. The Foundation's shelters help families minimize the difficulties of living outside their usual residence, reduce logistical and financial concerns, and being located near hospitals minimizes travel time. Thanks to this initiative, families have appropriate accommodation and can fully dedicate themselves to what really matters: the health of children and adolescents undergoing treatment.   

In addition to the subsidy, Audax Energía will disseminate the foundation's activities through social networks and promote volunteering among the company's employees to continue helping the great work carried out by the Fundació d'Oncologia Infantil Enriqueta Villavecchia (

In the coming months, the second entity decided by Audax employees will be communicated and the company will work to make the maximum dissemination and publicize the important social work of these organizations.

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