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Natural gas, the most economical energy for your business

Natural gas is an energy source with low environmental impact and is usually cheaper than other energies such as diesel, electricity or propane gas. It is extracted from the subsoil and distributed through gas pipelines built with highly resistant materials so that it can be easily supplied to any location.
Main characteristics of natural gas:

  • It is distributed through pipes located underground.
  • It is used for various types of consumption.
  • Its flame is clear blue because it has little CO (carbon dioxide) content.
  • It does not smell. However, a characteristic substance is added so that you can recognize it and take preventive measures in case of a leak.
  • The use of this gas does not represent risks nor does it require special skills for handling, as long as basic care is taken into account.

At Audax Renovables we also invite you to discover all the advantages of natural gas for your home.

What advantages does natural gas have for your premises?

If you are in charge of a business, you will be interested to know that there are many competitive advantages that natural gas can bring you. Without a doubt, and compared to the rest of the available energies, natural gas stands out for being the most economical, reliable, comfortable fossil energy and with the least environmental impact.

  • Saving: It is one of the cheapest energies on the market and its price is usually more stable. Start saving with natural gas now!
  • Heating: It is characterized by having a high calorific value. Provides an adjustable and programmable temperature through a thermostat.
  • Hot water: instantly and without interruptions.
  • Uninterruptible: The supply is continuous and that is why you will not have unexpected cuts or interruptions.
  • Security: Periodic reviews of the installation are carried out.
  • Cleaner conventional energy: It is less polluting and contains lower amounts of carbon, compared to other fossil energies.
  • Ease: Installation is simple and does not require long works.

Natural gas will help you save on your business's energy bill, since the price of this fuel is cheaper. You will be able to save on natural gas and especially on heating, costs that normally skyrocket in your premises.

How to install natural gas in your business?

Installing natural gas is the most economical energy option for your premises because it requires less maintenance and, therefore, translates into lower expenses.

First of all, you should make sure what conditions your business facility is in. If you already have an installation you will only have to register for natural gas and if not you will have to request a new gas installation.

To carry out a natural gas installation, we recommend that you contact an authorized installer who will provide you with all the information about the benefits of natural gas for your business, as well as a personalized budget for its installation.

The cost of installing natural gas depends on many factors: the area where your premises are located, whether it is alone or belongs to a block of flats, whether you want it for all uses or only for heating or water, among others. Once the installation is completed you will see how the cost of the installation is quickly amortized because natural gas is the cheapest energy for heating.

What natural gas rates are best for your location?

At Audax Renovables you can contract your natural gas supply and benefit from very competitive rates and close, quality customer service. Hiring will be simple, without paperwork and without hassles, because we take care of everything. Also, remember that the price of natural gas is very economical compared to other energies.
We sell natural gas through conduction throughout the peninsular territory, both high and low pressure:

RL.1 C ≤ 5,000
RL.2 5,000 < C ≤ 15,000
RL.3 15,000 < C ≤ 50,000
RL.4 50,000 < C ≤ 300,000
RL.5 300,000 < C ≤ 1,500,000
RL.6 1,500,000 < C ≤ 5,000,000
RL.7 5,000,000 < C ≤ 15,000,000
RL.8 15,000,000 < C ≤ 50,000,000
RL.9 50,000,000 < C ≤ 150,000,000
RL.10 150,000,000 < C ≤ 500,000,000
RL.11 C > 500,000,000

The duration of the contract is 12 months. Our contracts are permanent because it helps us to offer you better prices.

I want to contract natural gas for my business

We know how important it is to have efficient communication channels, which is why our customer service is internal and is in continuous training to offer you personalized and quality attention.

Get in touch with our team of experts and receive complete advice so that you can achieve maximum savings on your premises' natural gas bills.

We work daily to provide you with very competitive rates that adapt to the needs of each type of client, with clear information and no surprises. Save on your business with natural gas from Audax Renovables!

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