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Why should you opt for natural gas for your company?

Did you know that depending on the type of energy used for heating a company, consumption can amount to more than 50% of the total energy bill? The upward trend in heating consumption in recent years has made it one of the main sources of energy expenditure for companies. At Audax Renovables we are aware of this situation and that is why we put at your disposal an energy source with multiple advantages. We are referring to natural gas, an energy source with low environmental impact and more economical than other energies such as diesel, electricity or propane gas. Without a doubt, and compared to the rest of the available energies, natural gas stands out for being a more economical, reliable, comfortable energy and with less environmental impact.
  • Saving: It is the cheapest energy on the market and its price is stable. Start saving with natural gas now!
  • Heating: provides an adjustable and programmable temperature through a thermostat.
  • Hot water: instantly and without interruptions.
  • Uninterruptible: The supply is continuous and that is why you will never have unexpected cuts or interruptions.
  • Security: Reviews are carried out periodically.
  • Clean energy: it does not pollute or is toxic.
  • Ease: Installation is simple and does not require long works.

Benefits of natural gas for your company

Did you know that natural gas, compared to the rest of the available energies, stands out for being an economical, reliable, comfortable energy and with less environmental impact than the rest of the energies of fossil origin? Natural gas is a clean and economical source of energy compared to other energies such as diesel, electricity or propane gas. Below we detail some benefits of Audax Renovables natural gas:
  • Economical energy. With low maintenance costs and normally stable prices, natural gas will allow you to save energy in your company and reduce the costs derived from your gas bills.
  • Fossil energy with less environmental impact. Natural gas is less polluting and contains lower amounts of carbon than other fossil fuels.
  • Safe energy for your workers. In order for you to use this fossil fuel safely in your company, it is necessary to add mercaptan to it. It is an odorous substance that allows natural gas, in the event of a leak, to be detected immediately.
  • Continuous energy. With natural gas you can have hot water, heating and cooking uninterruptedly and efficiently.
  • Quick and easy installation. In a few days and with practically no work, you will have it perfectly installed in your large company.

Natural gas rates for your company

At Audax Renovables we sell natural gas by conduction throughout the peninsular territory and we offer you different natural gas rates, always adapted to the real annual consumption of your company.

RL.1 C ≤ 5,000
RL.2 5,000 < C ≤ 15,000
RL.3 15,000 < C ≤ 50,000
RL.4 50,000 < C ≤ 300,000
RL.5 300,000 < C ≤ 1,500,000
RL.6 1,500,000 < C ≤ 5,000,000
RL.7 5,000,000 < C ≤ 15,000,000
RL.8 15,000,000 < C ≤ 50,000,000
RL.9 50,000,000 < C ≤ 150,000,000
RL.10 150,000,000 < C ≤ 500,000,000
RL.11 C > 500,000,000

With Audax Renovables you can contract natural gas with an indexed rate:

  • Natural Gas Indexed Rate: Now with Audax Renovables you can pay for natural gas at a variable price based on the cost price set in the wholesale gas market plus a management fee. Maximize your savings by paying for natural gas consumption at cost price. This rate is available for low and high pressure supplies.

Contact our specialists to carry out a specific study of your company's needs and see how and at what rate we can give you an energy solution that allows you to save. Optimize use and consumption while saving.


NATURAL GAS AT INDEXED PRICE: The final amount to be applied will be the sum of the price of the FIXED TERM, indicated in the previous table and applied according to the toll step assigned by the distributor, and the ENERGY TERM, calculated according to the following formula and applied to customer consumption with a daily profiling proportional to the conventional national demand profile published on the Enagás website.

          TEd= [(Mibgasd+Dd)*(1+Waste)+COSd+ GOd] * 1,015 + PaTVd


TEd = Daily Energy Term

Dd = Imbalance in programming
Mibgasd = Arithmetic average of all transactions concluded in MIBGAS for the intraday product with same-day delivery of gas in PVB, as published on the MIBGAS website ( -access; Sheet “Prices PVB&VTP Imbalances Rates”, Column “H”).

PaTVd = Variable term of the gas pipeline network access toll
COSd = CORES Quota + Cost of strategic gas reserves + Energy Efficiency Fund

GOd = Operating Expenses, according to price table

The prices offered for the supply of gas have been calculated based on the estimate of the amounts corresponding to the following concepts: GTS quota and CNMC rate. Therefore, AUDAX reserves the right to automatically transfer to the client the difference resulting from the approval of the final amounts for said concepts.

Maintenance of the gas installation in your company

It is highly recommended, and especially for large corporations and industries, to carry out regular maintenance to ensure the correct functioning of the installation. It is the only way you can enjoy the supply with full security guarantees.

At Audax Renovables we put at your disposal Servigax Plus Negocios, a maintenance and breakdown assistance service designed and thought for your corporation.

I want to contract natural gas for my company

We know how important it is to have efficient communication channels, which is why our customer service is internal, in-house and is in continuous training to offer personalized and quality attention.

Contact our team of experts and receive complete advice so that you can achieve maximum savings on your company's natural gas bills.

We work daily to offer you very competitive rates that adapt to the needs of each type of client, with clear information and no surprises. Save in your company with natural gas from Audax Renovables!

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