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Efficiency and energy savings

Annually, Public Administrations face high expenses mainly related to the energy consumption of their sports facilities, buildings or public lighting. Taking this context into account, public organizations have adopted strict savings measures. They are very aware of the benefits that responsible consumption can bring, both with respect to the environment and in relation to their own bill. Likewise, Audax Renovables is committed to efficiency and energy savings.

Aware of this reality, we have developed a wide catalog of solutions that position the concept of savings as the main objective within the energy strategy. They are truly efficient measures for Public Administrations. And there is nothing more efficient and economical than natural gas.

At Audax Renovables we also invite you to discover all the advantages of natural gas for public administrations.

What advantages does natural gas have for large corporations?

Natural gas is a fossil energy source that is extracted from the subsoil. It is considered, compared to the rest of the available energies, one of the most reliable, comfortable and least environmental impact fossil fuels. The price of natural gas is much cheaper compared to other types of fuels, so it is positioned as the cheapest on the market.

It should be noted that the supply of this energy is continuous, without unexpected cuts or interruptions; reviews are carried out periodically; It is an energy with low environmental impact and is non-toxic. It also comes with a simple installation that pays for itself quickly.

The advantages of natural gas for Public Administrations become more evident when we talk about the use of heating and boilers. And with natural gas, heating is more economical. With Audax Renovables you save on heating, even on bills in the coldest months of the year.

Useful information for Public Administration

Our commitment to providing close treatment, personalized advice and competitive prices, all of this has allowed us to consolidate ourselves as one of the leading energy companies.  

  • We want to make it very easy for you and that is why our advice is clear, transparent and efficient. No surprises!
  • We take care of all the processing of changing distributors without having to take steps and we group the billing of several supply points so that you can control all invoices centrally.

If you belong to a public body and your goal is to cut costs on your gas bill, let our experts advise you. Hire the most appropriate Audax Renovables rate for your Public Administration right now!

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