Generating plants

The electrical energy marketer Audax Energía expands its service offering beyond marketing and begins its action as a sales agent of the electrical energy generated by the production plants. In this way, the company will represent the generating plants before the different organizations of the electricity market: REE, CNMC, OMIE and MEFF.

Electricity producing plants need to be represented by interlocutors. Audax Energía manages the sale of energy production, maximizing the profitability of producers through two services. The first, through representation in the wholesale electricity market (OMIE), which allows the purchase and sale of electricity at a known, transparent and accessible price, but variable over time. The second service is provided through representation in the options and futures market, which allows the price to be set in advance and eliminate uncertainties.

Service to avoid extra costs

In addition to increasing the profitability of its plants through personalized advice, Audax Energía offers the service of Shielding diversion extra costs and allows producers to benefit from the advantages derived from economies of scale.

Another service offered by Audax is the management of Guarantees of Origin, which certifies that the electricity has been produced by renewable sources or highly efficient cogeneration. This document allows certifying the “green” origin of electricity.

Audax Energía will provide these services through its brand GENERIBER, a company that it acquired last June, and which will allow it to be present in the different stages of the market, from the production of electrical energy to its commercialization. In a complex electricity market with strict regulations, Audax Energía advises and provides the necessary support to producers in the management of Guarantees before OMIE and REE.  

Audax, on the rise
The commitment to savings and innovation has allowed Audax Energía to exceed 41,500 clients and increase its billing in the first half of 2014 by +140,23% compared to the same period of the previous year. Furthermore, it expects to reach a turnover of 300 million euros by the end of 2014.

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