Saving tips

Every little bit counts

Turn off your lights whenever you can

Turn it into a habit to turn off the lights when you go out - it will be the first and the easiest step to start conserving energy

Use energy-efficient light bulbs

There are multiple advantages of using energy-efficient light bulbs: you reduce the energy consumption while getting the same light intensity, the bulbs last longer and generate less pollution

Switch off your computers

Don't leave them always plugged in, switch them off and, apart from conserving energy, you'll help your devices last longer

Use natural light whenever you can

If you can, always choose a house with an abundance of natural light coming from the windows

Buy appliances with energy efficiency label

Energy labels help customers choose products that consume less energy over those more polluting

Programme your thermostats

Programme your air conditioning thermostats between 24ºC and 26ºC, and your heating system between 19ºC and 21ºC.

Put in insulation

Put in insulation in your doors and windows to maintain the temperature inside your home or office

Unplug your battery chargers

Unplug the battery chargers of your mobile phones and other devices when you don't use them

Use adapters

Use adapters to unplug several devices at once when you don't use them

Standby wastes energy

Unplug your appliances when you don't use them, since leaving them on standby wastes energy