How to change electricity company

Changing electricity companies is a very easy process to process, which can be done with a simple phone call and does not require paying any extra amount. After the liberalization of the electricity sector, the marketing role was separated from the distribution role, which allowed the client to decide which electricity company they wanted to contract with.


Why change electric company?

If a consumer wants to change electricity company, it means that they are not satisfied with one or several aspects. The most normal reasons for requesting a change of marketing company are the following:

• The price you are paying is very high and makes the electricity bill very expensive
• Has any maintenance service that the client has not contracted
• You have had a problem with the marketer or its Customer Service

Whatever the reason, the consumer always has the option of looking for a cheaper rate and trying to achieve savings on the electricity supply through it.


What is the best electricity rate?

To find the best electricity rate on the market, the most convenient thing to do is to use an electricity offer comparator, which is in charge of searching and determining which is the most recommended for each client. A good electricity rate must have the following characteristics:

• Not having any type of permanence
• The discount must be indefinite
• The option to hire any maintenance service if the client requires it
• An economical price for the consumer


How to change electricity company?

To change electricity companies you only have to call the chosen supplier and process a request with the operator. The documents necessary for this type of processing are the following:

• Information of the owner of the supply
• Address of the home
• Electrical power
• Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS) that appears on a previous invoice
• Bank account


How much does it cost to change electricity company?

The processing of the change of electricity company is free, and can be carried out as many times as necessary, but it must always be the owner of the electricity supply who is in charge of carrying out the process.

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