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We know that cost control is a key factor and a priority for companies, for their competitiveness and profitability. This is what moves us to offer very competitive electricity rates and of origin 100% of renewable origin. Our goal is that the electricity bill is no longer a concern for your company and that you can see real savings on your electricity bill.

In recent years, the electricity consumption of companies has been increasing progressively compared to previous periods, therefore, it is increasingly important to have a competitive electricity rate because any small improvement in the rate can mean great savings. 

Our priority is to promote electricity savings in companies.

We want to offer you a electricity tariff of renewable origin 100% that adapts to the needs of your company so that you pay more for electricity cheap and really notice a saving

Contracting electricity with Audax Renovables is synonymous with saving and environmental respect. At Audax Renovables we have developed efficient electrical solutions that allow companies to pay much less for the electricity they consume, adjusting to their real energy needs. 

And what's more, we make it very easy for you. Our specialists will advise you in a clear and transparent manner so that you can decide the type of contract most suitable for you, for your peace of mind and the continuity of your economic activity without any problems.

Below, we detail the different types of electricity rates and their particularities:

At Audax Renovables we sell 100% energy of renewable origin. Green energy produced through inexhaustible natural resources that do not generate greenhouse gases or polluting emissions.

Green Energy 100% from renewable sources

At Audax we sell energy to individuals, businesses, large companies and administrations.

Indexed rate

With Audax Renovables, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can now enjoy the advantages of paying for electricity at wholesale prices.

  1. Audax Renovables offers the most competitive electricity rates on the market. Our priority is to optimize electricity prices so that your bill is not a worry for you or your company. 

    • Indexed Rate: with Audax Renovables, companies can now enjoy the advantages of paying for electricity at the wholesale market price. Through our Indexed Rate you will be able to pay for the electricity consumed every hour at the real price at which it is being sold in the electricity market, plus a small management margin. Stop paying the risk premium associated with any fixed rate! 

    In addition, you surely have several supply points, so at Audax Renovables we group billing so that you can control it centrally.

    Pay a cheaper price for electricity and get real savings on electricity at the end of the month!

Does your company still pay for reactive energy?

Reactive energy is the extra energy demand that some inductive equipment such as motors, transformers or lighting needs for their operation. This energy drastically reduces the efficiency of large companies' facilities. It does not produce useful work and is negative for the electrical grid in general, since it causes distortions in the transportation network.

For these reasons, if the reactive energy exceeds a percentage of the active energy consumed, the Distributor applies a penalty to your bill. The good news is that you can stop paying for this reactive energy if you compensate it with the installation of a capacitor bank, thus avoiding the penalty and obtaining electricity savings on your electricity bill.

At Audax Renovables we are committed to the efficient management of reactive energy as one of the saving factors in large companies. Through a personalized study of your supply, we will recommend which capacitor bank is best suited so that you stop paying for reactive energy. You would be surprised at how much your company can save in relation to reactive energy with a simple installation. In addition, we take care of everything so that you don't have to worry about anything and only notice savings on your bill.

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