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At Audax Renovables we know how important cost control and savings are for professionals and SMEs. For this reason we offer you very competitive electricity rates, with the possibility of contracting 100% rates of renewable origin, so you can worry about what is really important for your business.

We want the electricity bill to no longer be a worry and for you to benefit from real savings on your bill.

Did you know that electricity consumption is usually one of the most important factors in the competitiveness of companies and that it usually accounts for between 15% and 20% of costs in small businesses and the self-employed?

An example of this would be a restaurant of about 100m2, which with a contracted power of 13kW has to bear monthly electricity costs that usually correspond to double its Social Security contribution. If we take as reference any other type of commercial premises at street level, such as a hairdresser, a retail store or a beauty center of about 100m2, with a contracted power of 10kW, the expenditure on electricity usually ranges between €250 and €350 monthly.

If we add to these costs the unforeseen events that may arise during the development of the professional activity, the annual cost of repairs, costs derived from the temporary suspension of the activity and the time invested in its processing and procedures, we find that the annual investment of these professionals and locals is a difficult game to face.

Our goal is to offer you a electricity rate that adapts to your needs and those of your business so that you pay for the electricity cheaper and really notice a saving.

Taking into account that each business is different, at Audax Renovables we offer you different electricity rates so that you can find the one that perfectly adapts to what you need and are looking for.
Remember that contracting electricity with Audax Renovables is synonymous with saving and of environmental respect. And what's more, we make it very easy for you. Our specialists will advise you in a clear and transparent manner so that you can decide the type of contract most suitable for you, for your peace of mind and the continuity of your economic activity without any problems.

Below, we detail the different types of electricity rates and their particularities:

At Audax Renovables we generate 100% energy from renewable sources. Green energy produced through inexhaustible natural resources that do not generate greenhouse gases or polluting emissions. 

We generate Green Energy 100% of renewable origin

At Audax we sell energy to individuals, businesses, large companies and administrations.

Indexed rate

With Audax Renovables, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can now enjoy the advantages of paying for electricity at wholesale prices.

Do you want to hire Green Energy?

We generate 100% energy of renewable, clean and non-polluting origin. We offer you the possibility of contracting 100% rates of renewable origin, which are obtained from inexhaustible natural sources such as wind or solar energy.

  • Indexed rate: with Audax Renovables, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can now enjoy the advantages of paying for electricity at wholesale prices. Through our indexed rate you pay every hour at the real price at which energy is being sold in the electricity market plus a small management commission. Stop paying the risk premium associated with any fixed rate! This rate offers multiple advantages and is usually cheaper annually than the fixed rate.

On the other hand, if your business is paying a penalty for excess reactive energy, we offer you the possibility of installing a capacitor bank that will compensate for the reactive energy. In this way, you will obtain savings on your electricity bill, in addition to optimizing the capacity of the installed lines and transformers.

We also put different maintenance services at your disposal to guarantee your peace of mind and the continuity of your business. With Servielectrix your business is covered against electrical emergencies, in addition to benefiting from an annual preventive review service of the electrical panel and installations, as well as the periodic review of the air conditioning system of your facilities.

We are currently the ninth electricity and gas marketer in the national electricity market, recognized by the Ministry of Industry. We have been working for more than 6 years with the philosophy of offering energy at competitive prices, with products that adapt to the needs of our users and with quality customer service.

Let yourself be advised by our experts. Hire the right rate for your business now!

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