Councilor Josep Rull visits Audax Green

Last Friday, September 27, the Regional Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Josep Rull, visited the Audax Green slurry treatment plant, which will restart its activity next Monday, September 19. Located in the municipality of Miralcamp, in Pla d'Urgell (Lleida), the plant will transform slurry into biogas to generate electricity.

The Minister was accompanied by Josep Maria Tost, Director of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, Josep Maria Huguet, President of the Regional Council of Pla d'Urgell and by Melcior Claramunt, mayor of Miralcamp.


The Minister and the rest of the authorities traveled to Miralcamp to visit the facilities and hold a meeting with those responsible for the Audax Green project. The reactivation of the plant has involved a technical investment to adapt the plant and achieve a suitable technical level after 2 years of inactivity. The reopening of the plant will lead to the creation of 12 new direct jobs and between 10 and 15 indirect jobs in the region.


The plant will be able to treat up to 110,000 tons/year of organic waste through a process that lasts approximately 30 days and in which the slurry is transformed into energy and fertilizer. The Audax Green plant has 5 motors of 3MW power each that will produce 120,000 MWh per year, which would be equivalent to supplying the energy consumption of 70,000 citizens annually and represents a reduction of 6,500 Tm of CO2 emissions. This is energy generated with one of the most suitable processes for reducing CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect and, in addition, as a result of the process, up to 10,000 tons of organic fertilizer per year will be obtained, which will be used mainly for export.

Those responsible for the plant thanked the presence of the institutional representatives and the support shown to this energy generation model.

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