Pay for energy at wholesale price

Indexing is a way of contracting in the Liberalized Market that consists of paying a variable price for the electrical energy consumed depending on the acquisition price in the Wholesale Market.

By contracting the electricity supply with an Indexed Rate, the client pays for the energy every hour at the real price at which it is being sold in the electricity market plus a management fee. This avoids paying the risk premium associated with the entire Fixed Rate throughout the contract period.

The main advantage of the Indexed Rate is that it allows consumption to be adapted to take advantage of the hours in which electricity is cheaper, even those in which the cost is €0.

This has made it possible to achieve significant savings on the electricity bill of customers who have contracted the Indexed Rate with AUDAX.
Companies that contracted the Indexed Rate with Audax in the month of April 2013 have benefited from between 27% and 31% savings compared to the Fixed Rate.

At AUDAX we focus our efforts on ensuring that the customer pays the lowest possible price for the electrical energy they consume.

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