Capacitor Batteries

Are you still paying reactive energy on your electricity bill?

At Audax Renovables we do everything possible to help companies, businesses, small businesses and the self-employed obtain savings on their electricity bill. And we achieve this not only by offering the most competitive rates but by helping you eliminate reactive energy from your bill by installing capacitor banks. 

Are you still paying reactive energy on your electricity bill? If you are paying an amount greater than €50 for reactive energy, this information will be very useful to you.

what is the reactive energy?

Reactive energy is the extra energy demand that some inductive equipment such as motors, transformers, lighting, need for their operation. This reactive energy reduces the efficiency of the facilities since it does not produce useful work. Furthermore, it is negative for the electrical fabric in general because it causes distortions in the transport network. 

If the reactive energy exceeds a percentage of the active energy consumed, a penalty is applied to the electricity bill of the Distributor.

How can I eliminate this reactive energy?

Reactive energy can be offset by installing a capacitor bank in your business, thus avoiding the reactive penalty and obtaining savings on your electricity bill.

What are the advantages of installing a capacitor bank?
At Audax Renovables we want companies, businesses, small businesses and the self-employed to benefit from the advantages of installing a capacitor bank in their businesses, in order to save on their electricity bill. The main advantages of installing a capacitor bank are the following:

  • Avoid penalties for excess reactive energy.
  • Increases the capacity of installed lines and transformers.
  • Improves network tension.
  • Reduces energy losses in cables and their heating.
  • Achieve a reduction in the global cost of energy.

What do I need to calculate the most appropriate battery for my needs?
With a supply energy bill we size the most appropriate capacitor bank according to the supply needs, as long as the consumption conditions are maintained.

How can I purchase the capacitor bank?
At Audax Renovables we provide a complete capacitor bank installation service for companies, businesses, small businesses and the self-employed. The service includes:

  • The capacitor bank
  • Standard installation of the capacitor bank
  • The start-up of the equipment. 
  • All this with exclusive payment facilities for our clients.

Is the installation included in the cost of the capacitor bank?
We know that the life of an entrepreneur is not easy at all. So at Audax Renovables standard installation is included for all our capacitor banks. Furthermore, the installation is carried out by specialized personnel, so that our clients do not have to worry about anything at all.

What is the delivery time of the equipment?
We estimate a delivery time of 20 days from when we receive the signed contract in our offices. Our technicians will contact you to specify the schedule and an installation date.

What payment facilities can I obtain?
Audax Renovables customers can pay in cash or finance the battery flexibly for up to 84 months through Renting or Loan. 

What happens if I already have a capacitor bank installed but I continue to be billed for reactive energy consumption?
If you have a capacitor bank already installed in your business but you still have reactive energy consumption on your bill, it may be that the battery is not working correctly, or that the current reactive energy consumption is greater than what the battery can compensate. In that case, we offer you an optional service to review the operation of your capacitor bank and advise you on repairing or replacing it with one more appropriate to your new needs.

Companies, businesses, small businesses and the self-employed know better than anyone the importance of minimizing costs. By installing a capacitor bank you can benefit from greater savings on your electricity bill, without having to worry about anything. Join the electricity savings!

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