The Audax Renovables Group will stop consuming more than 280 kg of plastic per year

Audax Renovables expands its commitment to the environment and has developed an Action Plan to minimize the use of non-reusable waste in its facilities. This week, each employee was given a personalized bottle with the logo, made of aluminum, BPA-free, recyclable and with a capacity of 650ml with the aim of reducing the consumption of single-use plastics at its headquarters in Badalona.

Before implementing this measure, the office consumed single-use plastic bottles that take between 100 and 1,000 years to decompose and account for up to 70% of the waste that litters the world's seas. Although until now these plastics were selectively collected for recycling, thanks to the use of the Audax reusable bottle, it will be possible to stop consuming about 288 kg of plastic per year, more than 28,800 1.5l bottles. The Audax reusable bottle can be refilled easily and free of charge at the filtered water source, therefore it is an economical, sustainable measure that encourages healthy habits.

In addition to this measure, others are being studied, such as the possibility of putting reusable cups in vending machines or the complete digitalization of the company to avoid the unnecessary use of paper. 

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