Electricity tariff for public administration

100% renewable energy

in Audax Renovables we offer energy solutions respectful of the environment and truly efficient for the public administrations.

We are centred around supplying green energy obtained from 100% renewable sources, providing friendly customer service, offering personalised and professional assistance and the most competitive prices in the market. 

With the aim of promoting optimal management of municipal electricity purchases, Audax Renovables offers energy advisory services catering to the needs of every public administration office.

According to the circumstances, our team of vastly experienced professionals in catering to the specific needs of the public sector will advise you on the electricity tariffs which will adapt best to your reality. All our tariffs relate to green energy obtained from 100% renewable sources.

In Audax Renovables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy is produced from inexhaustible natural resources, which do not generate greenhouse gasses or pollutant emissions. 

Green Energy: 100% Renewable

All our customers enjoy green energy: individuals, businesses, large companies and public administrations.