Understanding the natural gas bill

Here your energy marketer is detailed, in this case it is us: Audax Renovables. We are a company that generates 100% energy from renewable sources and markets electricity, efficiency and natural gas.
  • CUPS: The acronym CUPS corresponds to the Universal Supply Point Code. It is a unique identifier of a power supply point consisting of 22 characters.
  • INVOICE NUMBER: is a code composed of 9 digits that the company gives to each invoice in order to identify it or find it quickly.
  • BILLING PERIOD: refers to the period during which the supply object of this invoice has been consumed.
  • INVOICE DATE: is the date on which the invoice is issued, so it is always after the billing period.
  • DELIVERY NUMBER: is a code made up of 9 digits that allows the customer to consult their load curve through our website
  • RATE: shows the internal reference to recognize the rate and prices to apply. You can check your conditions/costs in the contract.
  • ACCESS RATE: access rates to the natural gas network are classified based on the annual consumption made by each client.
    • Rate 3.1 is established for users with a consumption of less than 5,000 kW/h per year.
    • Rate 3.2 is for users with consumption between 5,000 to 50,000 kW/h per year.
    • Rate 3.3 is established for users with a consumption of 50,000 to 100,000 kW/h per year.
    • Rate 3.4 is applied when more than 100,000 kW/h are consumed per year.
  • REF. SUPPLY CONTRACT: is the contract number with the distribution company.
  • CONTRACT END DATE: is the date on which the current contract ends.


This section contains the name and surname of the contract holder along with the complete address of the place for which the energy is contracted.
  • COMPANY NAME: name of the company for which the supply is contracted or name and surname of the person contracting the supply.
  • REGISTERED ADDRESS: name of the street where the client contracting the supply is located.
  • SUPPLY ADDRESS: address of the home or premises for which the supply is contracted.
  • LOCATION: place where the home or premises of the person contracting the supply is located, along with the postal code and the name of the province to which said place belongs.
  • REGULATED COMPONENTS: they are expenses added to the rate, in this case gas, although they are also paid in the electricity rate, the amount of which is established by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in a manner independent of the companies.
  • CIF/NIF OWNER: code or Tax Identification Number of the company (CIF/NIF) or National Identity Document (DNI) of the person who contracts the supply.
  • FIXED TERM: represents the cost for the user's right to the availability of a certain amount of gas and is established based on the contracted rate. This term is fixed and does not depend on the gas consumption, so it constitutes the minimum cost of the installation when there is no consumption (except rent or taxes).
  • VARIABLE TERM: is the gas consumption during the billing period, measured in kW/h (kilowatt hours). The actual consumption has been measured by the supply company in m3 (cubic meters) of gas, obtaining the conversion between cubic meters and kW/h according to the factor indicated on the invoice itself.
  • SPECIAL TAX ON HYDROCARBONS: is a hydrocarbon tax that is applied to natural gas. It was approved by Law 15/2012 of December 27, on fiscal measures for energy sustainability, as of January 1, 2013.
  • CANON_IRC GAS: this term appears in some contracts and refers to the impact of installation costs on the owners of a Community of Owners.
  • EQUIPMENT RENTAL: The meter can be rented or owned. It is generally rented, so the client pays the corresponding amount monthly.
  • CASH/BANK: your bank where you have the invoice domiciled.
  • AMOUNT: the exact amount that you must pay and that is indicated in the “Total invoice” section.
  • CHARGING DATE: is the date on which your invoice will be charged.

The readings make it possible to know the amount of natural gas consumed.

Consumption is calculated with the difference in m3 of gas between both readings (current and previous) and the result is converted into another measure of energy: kW/h. This transformation is called the conversion coefficient. The consumption in kW/h resulting from this conversion is the number that appears cited in “Billing Details” as “Variable term”.

In this section Audax Renovables shows the m3 consumption of the last 14 months.

In compliance with current legislation and, for the alternative resolution of disputes, Audax Renovables is a member of the consumer arbitration system. You can consult more information in the following link.

  • ACCESS CONTRACT REFERENCE: if you are already an Audax Renovables customer and you have some type of problem with your supply or breakdown, you must contact your Distributor providing your “access contract reference” which refers to the supply contract number.
  • TELEPHONE BREAKDOWN: in case of technical breakdown related to the supply. For example: outages, voltage drops, problems with the meter, among others. You can contact the toll-free telephone number of your distributor, responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the supply.
  • DISTRIBUTOR COMPANY: is the network that carries energy from the production centers to the final consumer.
  • REPORT READINGS: using this phone you can report the readings of your meter, in the event that it is not accessible for reading. The distributors are responsible for the quality of the supply and for reading the meters.

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